Accord 55B - Rock 'n Roll

"yes we're doing it again..."

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The Tragic End

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I'm sorry to report that the Alamo Airlines has had yet another fatal crash.  The Accord 55B.  The aircraft was being piloted by Willy the WalMart Ball (Wally’s brother) when the tragic incident occurred.  Willy was flying peacefully over the swamps of the Wetlands Park on Sunday November 9, 2003, when suddenly at 8:36AM, he unexplainably lost control of the aircraft.  The plane plunged deeply in the swamp water killing all aboard.  One NTSB investigator commented that the crash site was similar to the Value Jet disaster that occurred 3 years earlier.  He stated, “Although this had some similarities to the Value Jet crash, this incident was not caused by mechanical malfunction but by pilot error.  We’re not sure what Willy had his hand at the time of the crash, but it certainly wasn’t the controls.”  At a press conference held later that day, the spokesperson for Alamo Airlines stated, “I’m done with electrics.  We’re doing gas baby!”

Accord 55A's Untimely Demise