Thursday November 27, 2008

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It was a beautiful flying day. Warm, sunny, perfectly calm.  Anthony and I were for the first time since I moved, flying our gas planes.  Every thing was going perfect until...


Some moron misjudged the trees while turning on final approach and landed 40 feet up in a tree! So out goes Air Rescue!


It's too high, wedged in and way out on a limb. I guess its there until the wind blows it down.


Recovery Update

On the morning of December 4, in sweatpants and slippers I braved the 21 weather to check with my binoculars the status of my captive plane. It had been extremely windy the previous night and I was anxious to see if the plane had dropped down any during the storm.  When I looked, all I could see is a small part of the wingtip in the tree. The rest was gone! I quickly walked the mile across the frozen field (still in slippers) to investigate.  When I arrived, I found the plane right side up, on its gear next to the tree.  The airframe had sustained considerable damage and I believe is not worth fixing. But I was still relieved to recover the intact motor and electronics.  Here is what it looked like.